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Lamborghini Gallardo - Miami Beach

Lamborghini Gallardo - Miami Beach

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Advertisement Details:

• Advertising Car: Lamborghini Gallardo

• Price for 14 Days Advertisement

• Estimated Impressions: 225.000 / Week

• Estimated Followers Gain: 950 / Week

• 2 Stickers with your Username 

• 1 Free Professional Picture Included

• Sticker Size: 22"

• Area: Miami Beach

• Pictures Available (See Photo Service)

How It Works:

1| After your purchase, our team will apply two stickers with your IG Username to the supercar.

2| The car will be parked for 14 Days in the most visible and walked streets of Miami in peak hours

3| We will also send you 1 Free Professional Picture of the car with your username on it, that you can use for your Social Media Page.

Who Should Advertise:

Ideal for: Musicians, Artists, Personal Brands, Businesses, Brand Managers, MLM, and Online Stores.

Our service is an extremely powerful tool engineered and realized by professional marketing managers and analysts.

Luxury Cars with Instagram Usernames, are extremely attractive to people that will curiously search and follow the account.

*Usernames promoting illegal activities and obscenity will be not accepted and immediately refundedBy purchasing you agree to our terms of service.*

Start Today:

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• Type Your Username (Cart Page)

• You will get notified as soon as the sticker gets applied on the car



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